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Blitz off!

[ B a s i c ]
Name: Armarlie
Age: 11 (turning 12 on Sunday)
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Dog
Astro Sign: Leo
Nationality: African-American
Foreign Languages? Al-Bhed isn't official, but I can speak it.
Hobbies: Playing video games (especially RPGs), internet, talking on the phone, playing instuments, watching good movies (like Madea movies and PotC movies)
Talents: I can learn things very easily.
Aspirations: None.

[ F u r t h e r I n ]
Which magic or weapon and why: I would like a dagger because they're very small but they can do some damage. I'm also facinated with guns, swords, and knifes. But since I'm still young, I'd want a dagger. I like to help people, so I would want White Magic too.
Strengths: I love to help others, I'm friendly, I defend my friends and family, I know how to do a variety of things, I learn easily, it's easy to make friends.
Weaknesses: I'm pretty moody and depressing. Actually, I'm depressed but my friend swears I'm not, haha.
Likes: It's pretty much the same as my strengths, but I like to hum, listen to music, get on the computer, the internet, music itself, instuments, the orchestra, my friends and family, making people happy, LJ, playing video games, talking on the phone, food and ice cream, stuff in general, yaoi.
Dislikes:Yuri, omgrealgayguys who have real advertisements in the newspaper haha. Anchovies and green olives, the color orange. That's about it. Oh, and animals.
What color do you assosciate with yourself and why: It wouldn't be a color. I'm a rainbow. All different colors. All different moods. All different me's. But it's all just me.
What animal do you assosciate with yourself and why: I don't even like animals that much, so I wouldn't associate myself with one.
Bad habits: Filing my nails too much. Oh, and not being that enthustiactic. *spelt that wrong* I'll be like "That's exciting" if something's very wrong, as in, a room looks terrible and I'll be like, "That's nice."
Describe yourself in 5 words: A very moody little girl.

[ F a v o r i t e s & W h y ]
Animal: I'm not very fond of animals, and chocobos aren't real, so I'd have to say a kitten. They're cute, adorable, quiet, and sneaky.
Color: I love crimson and black because crimson is the color is the color of blood and I'm facinated with blood and black because it's dark and black represents evil, of which I am. It's also void and empty, which I feel like I am at times.
Season: It would have to be Spring at times because it feels like everything has a revival and I love the rain. It brings thunderstorms, and I love those too.
Instrument: I love the violin. I really like instumental and classical music, and I took violin classes during 4th and the beginning of 5th grade.
Music: I think that rock music (like Evanescence and Creed) really agree with my soul, so that's my favorite.
Element: It varies depending on my mood. But I guess it would be Fire, because it is my element according to my Astrological Sign.

[ E i t h e r O r & W h y ]
Nature or city: I've never been much of a nature person, so I'd have to say the city. Yes, I love shopping. I find no entertainment in nature, so I am a city girl.
Lead or follow: I get very shy and have stagefright, so I'm a natural follower. I'm good if I'm by myself, or leading a group for school though. Because I'm the smarter than them, haha.
Dark or light: I can be a loner at times, and I love the night, so I like the dark.
Night or day: Like I answered in the previous question, I like the night. I just feel more comfortable in the dark where I feel no one can see me.
Shy or outgoing: I can be outgoing in SOME social events, but most of the time I'm shy and anti-social. I'm pretty much outgoing with my friends, though.
Optimistic or pessimistic: I'm now becoming pessimistic, but usually I'm optimistic. If it wasn't for one of my best friends, I'd probably be dead like a year ago, haha.
Mature or immature: Sometimes I may appear to be immature if I'm having a good time, but most of the time I'm told I'm mature.
Impulsive or cautious: I'm not cautious about much, so it's all impulsive.

[ A b o u t F F X ]
Favorite Aeon and why: My all-time favorite has to be the Magus Sisters. I love Sandy of the three, because my Sandy does more than their Overdrive with her Razzia Special Attack.
Favorite Character and why: I have a tie between Rikku, Lulu, and Auron. I have xenophelia (that means I really</a> like things and people of different races and cultures), and Lulu is like badass with her magic. Auron is just plain badass. It's awesome.
Favorite Place in game and why: My favorite place has to be... Zanarkand and Luca. Oh, and Bikanel Island. I like that I can use Rikku so much in Bikanel, Zanarkand because of some of the fiends and the music is beautiful there, and Luca so I can play Blitzball (even though I SUCK), watch movies, and listening to all the music.
Favorite Race and why: The Al-Bhed because they speak a different language, they always play around with technology, their eyes are different, and they're just special.
Favorite Quote and why: My favorite quote from FFX has got to be... "What kind of backwater island did you come from?" by that one lady in the chocobo room who has no name.

Least favorite Aeon and why: My least favorite has to be Yojimbo because I hate the fact that I have to spend money on him and... I just don't like him, haha.
Least favorite Character and why: I don't really like Kimahri, but I can deal with him. But O'aka and Rin... I really don't like him. I think Rin wants to be like an Al-Bhed 50 Cent. He's probably worth 50 cents. O'aka is handy, but I don't like him that much. Oh, and Seymour! I just don't like him.
Least favorite Place and why: There's like nothing to do in Kilika. So I don't really like that. But it's pretty!
Least favorite Race and why: Sorry, but I don't like the Ronso's. They're mutant cat people. Sorry. I don't like Guado's either. Seymour pretty much ruined their reputation.
Least favorite Quote and why: I don't have a least favorite quote.
Who do you relate with and why: I think I'm a bit like Yuna, because we try our best to be happy, though we're not very happy deep down.

[ M i s c ]
Are there any other suggestions of questions/anything for us to add to this survey/community to make it better? If so, share!

[ A p p e a r a n c e ]
Please include 2 or 3 (Or more!) pictures of yourself. Try to skimp on the photo editing, please. Offensive/adult content will result in being removed permanently from finalxrating.

Sorry, I only have one picture.

I'm on the far right.
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