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[ B a s i c ]
Name: Amelia
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Snake
Astro Sign: Pisces
Nationality: Caucasion
Foreign Languages? A little of german
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, playing games, thinking, being on the internet
Talents: Drawing, singing, cooking, making people laugh
Aspirations: World domination! I would like to be a fashion designer.

[ F u r t h e r I n ]
Which magic or weapon and why: Black magic. It's always been my favorite fighting style.
Strengths: Strong-willed, laid-back, witty, able to keep my temper
Weaknesses: I'm extremely shy, overly sarcastic, a potty-mouth, mostly lazy, and I have trouble making up my mind
Likes: Clouds, thunderstorms, nighttime, winter, music, art, anime/manga, lolita fashion, video games, zombies, shiny objects, anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, strait jackets, feet
Dislikes: Small spaces, bugs, being in places with lots of people, crying babies, sleeping with socks on, throwing up, needles
What color do you assosciate with yourself and why: Dark purple. I guess because it makes me think of something laid-back.
What animal do you assosciate with yourself and why: Wolves. Total loner.
Bad habits: Potty-mouth! I bite my nails, procrastination.
Describe yourself in 5 words: The oddball of the group. :D

[ F a v o r i t e s & W h y ]
Animal: Dragons. They are just magnificent.
Color: Purple. It's a sexy color.
Season: Winter. Snow and chapped lips!
Instrument: Bass guitar. I don't know why.
Music: Techno. It's fun to dance to.
Element: Water. It's a fishy thing...

[ E i t h e r O r & W h y ]
Nature or city: Nature. Not alot of people.
Lead or follow: Follow. It's the whole, can't make up my mind thing.
Dark or light: Dark. Sunlight is mean to me.
Night or day: Night. For the darkness.
Shy or outgoing: Shy. Um, something to do with my past...
Optimistic or pessimistic: A little bit of both.
Mature or immature: Mature.
Impulsive or cautious: Cautious. Don't know why.

[ A b o u t F F X ]
Favorite Aeon and why: Anima. It was just beyond cool, and I liked the challenge of having to get it.
Favorite Character and why: Kimahri. A Ronso of few words. Kind of like myself, minus the Ronso part.
Favorite Place in game and why: Macalania Forest. It was pretty.
Favorite Race and why: The Guado. They were just neat looking.
Favorite Quote and why: Wakka- 'Those sand-blasted grease monkeys!' I dun' know. It just made me laugh when I heard it.

Least favorite Aeon and why: The Magus Sisters. They were unpredictable in their attacks.
Least favorite Character and why: Yuna. I can't stand her personality.
Least favorite Place and why: Mi'ihen Highroad. It was just a looong road with nothing but fighting...
Least favorite Race and why: Don't really have one.
Least favorite Quote and why: Whenever Yuna says 'I'm sorry.' It gets really annoying.
Who do you relate with and why: Lulu. I think we both have the same outlook on things.

[ M i s c ]
Are there any other suggestions of questions/anything for us to add to this survey/community to make it better? If so, share! Nope, it was peachy!

[ A p p e a r a n c e ]
Please include 2 or 3 (Or more!) pictures of yourself. Try to skimp on the photo editing, please. Offensive/adult content will result in being removed permanently from finalxrating.

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