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Blitz Off

[ B a s i c ]
Name: Ian
Age: 18
Gender: M
Zodiac Sign: Fire Rabbit
Astro Sign: Libra
Nationality: US Citizen; descended from British, Scottish, Irish and Native American
Foreign Languages? Spanish, Japanese
Hobbies: Cosplay, reading, writing, singing, drawing
Talents: Sewing, singing
Aspirations: To be a singer, to own a boutique

[ F u r t h e r I n ]
Which magic or weapon and why: Nails and holy magic. Scratching just seems like the right kind of attack for me. And I kinda enjoy the thought of smiting my enemies with holy magic.
Strengths: Friendly, accepting, generous, loving, kind, compassionate, helpful, polite, sophisticated.
Weaknesses: Cold, calculating, antisocial, holds a grudge (even though you'll never notice), scapegoating problems, elitist, arrogant, used to getting what I want.
Likes: Reading, art, music, subtitles, yaoi, blonde guys, green tea ice cream, glam rock, Lance Bass, Betty Boop, Miss Piggy, RPS, doujinshi, reading, cows, eBay, Carmen Sandiego.
Dislikes: Negativity, bigotry, insensitivity, corrupt organized religion or any heirarchy, mirrors, mess, people touching my stuff, unnecessary restrictions.
What color do you associate with yourself and why: Blues and white - very airy colors, I'm a dreamer like that.
What animal do you associate with yourself and why: Cat - I sleep, I scratch, I hiss, I'm a touchy feely/comfort kinda person
Bad habits: Lazy, forgetful, reacts badly to unexpected strange circumstances
Describe yourself in 5 words: Bohemian, blonde, kind, extremes, dreamer

[ F a v o r i t e s & W h y ]
Animal: Cow. Long story short I cosplay Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket and it kinda snowballed from there.
Color: Blues and blood red. I associate with blues and they can convey all sorts of emotions. Blood red is kind of a perfect color in my opinion, and so elusive.
Season: Fall - nice and cool
Instrument: Voice. The human voice is one of the most versatile instruments.
Music: (in no particular order) Pop, rock, alternative, post-industrial, Gothic, classical, choral, techno, trance, opera, ancient ethnic. I'm just eclectic like that.
Element: As in what...? Like magic element? Ice or holy. Dunno why.

[ E i t h e r O r & W h y ]
Nature or city: City. Creativity flows.
Lead or follow: Follow. Less work.
Dark or light: Light, unless I'm sleeping.
Night or day: Night, since there's not as much heat.
Shy or outgoing: Outgoing and unique.
Optimistic or pessimistic: I try to be pessimistic, so as not to be disappointed in things, but I almost always wind up being optimistic.
Mature or immature: Mature, to understand things better.
Impulsive or cautious: Depends on how much is at stake.

[ A b o u t F F X ]
Favorite Aeon and why: Anima - best back story. Or Shiva. She just kicked ass.
Favorite Character and why: Lulu. The dress. Although I do love Belgemine and Shelinda. And the Chocobo Knights. And Yunalesca. And Luzzu.
Favorite Place in game and why: Probably Besaid since it's so relaxed, peaceful and beautiful.
Favorite Race and why: Ronso maybe? The seem the most resourceful.
Favorite Quote and why: Almost anything out of Lulu's mouth really, but I do love her line to Tidus in Guadosalam when he says something about her and Wakka: "You don't want to finish that sentence."

Least favorite Aeon and why: Yojimbo. He was kinda pointless.
Least favorite Character and why: Kinoc. Slimy bastard.
Least favorite Place and why: Don't have one.
Least favorite Race and why: Don't have one.
Least favorite Quote and why: Don't have one.
Who do you relate with and why: All of the characters have something to relate to, really.

[ M i s c ]
Are there any other suggestions of questions/anything for us to add to this survey/community to make it better? If so, share!

[ A p p e a r a n c e ]
Please include 2 or 3 (Or more!) pictures of yourself. Try to skimp on the photo editing, please. Offensive/adult content will result in being removed permanently from finalxrating.

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I see a mix of Wakka and Auron, but Wakka wins out.
I'm gonna go with Wakka on this one too.

PS- Lance Bass Lance Bass Lance Bass Lance Bass Lance Bass he was like my favorite NSync boy because he never did anything. The only person who did less than him was Chris Kirkpatrick.
Them be fightin' words, mister. They both have done plenty and have worked very hard.
I was also seeing some Auron and Wakka :/ Too nice to be Auron but a side that's dark like Auron. Hmm....

Tidus! XD