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Blitz off...

[ B a s i c ]
Name: Lanie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Zodiac Sign: Horse
Astro Sign: Leo
Nationality: Asian, Vietnamese
Foreign Languages? Vietnamese, learning Japanese
Hobbies: Reading, writing, going online, shooting stuff, trying different kinds of weapons at China Town (I wanted the sword from Kill Bill!), taking walks, sight seeing
Talents: Good timing, creative, good eye sight, foresight (lucky guesses? oO), writing, giving advice, common sense (society is lacking alot these days that I consider it as a talent)
Aspirations: Be a lawyer, writer or psychologist.

[ F u r t h e r I n ]
Which magic or weapon and why: Weapon. I like magic too, but I would like to swing something...like a sword.
Strengths: Strong, videogames, staying sane (sometimes), keeps personal things out of situations, trusting, protective, open minded, giving advice
Weaknesses: Short, math, BUTTERFLIES SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF ME. (I can handle spiders, but not THEM), has a temper (I do try to control it, really), mood swings (I can go from happy to really angry. But I'm not bi-polar or anything), sensitive, agressive
Likes: Music, Guns and Roses (the band), guns, roses, books, reading, writing, videogames, musicals, animals, movies, peace and quiet, relaxing, coke, sleeping, cheering people up

Dislikes: Discrimination, annoying pricks, cry babies, whiners, repeating stuff, morons, people who lack common sense, people being loud when it's unecessary, being the center of attention (I get nervous), show offs, kiss-asses (But I adore Simmons from Red vs Blue xD), rejection (I have a hard time handeling it. I wish I didn't have this..."quality"), crowds, when people don't/can't read, half of a truth, liars, feeling weak, injustice, when things are unfair, cars, bad things, loudness, stereotypes, when promises are broken, child abusers (they're mostly the reasons why kids become psychos in the first place), animal abusers

What color do you assosciate with yourself and why: Any color is fine. Maybe red. Red usually symbolizes a temper, which I have.
What animal do you assosciate with yourself and why: Maybe a lion? Protective and strong.
Bad habits: Drinking coke ALOT in resturants (they never give enough! >.< Good thing I don't drink soda at home though), I also have a temper...usually you'll know that I'm either mad or annoyed if I clench my fist.
Describe yourself in 5 words:

-Hard-to-figure-out (That count?)
-Common sense
-Unforgiving (I tend to hold grudges. I've already given my trust, so losing it means it's gone for good.)

[ F a v o r i t e s & W h y ]
Animal: A lion for the same reasons above. I love horses too, the wild ones get to roam freely, without having to carry any burdens. Just running and running (and eating) and running...
Color: Red, black, blue or green. But not all together, that would be horrible and my eyes would burn. (I like all colors, but it depends on how two or more colors go together) It doesn't matter which one.
Season: Winter, nice and cold. It's easy to stay warm with me wearing my sweater all the time.
Instrument: I wish I can play a guitar...and violin...and piano.
Music: Any kind. It's the lyrics that matter. But Guns and Roses, Fountains of Wayne and Dir en Grey are my favorites so far. (Along with many others)
Element: Water, calm but can be destructive.

[ E i t h e r O r & W h y ]
Nature or city: I kind of live in a city and I'm really accustomed to it...but I would like to visit nature from time to time.
Lead or follow: I can lead if I'm the one with the most knowledge in the group. Usually though, I follow.
Dark or light: I wish I could get out of the dark and into the light. D:
Night or day: Day, you can see everything. Night time is fun when the lights are on.
Shy or outgoing: A bit of both. It depends who I'm around with.
Optimistic or pessimistic: I am optimistic about being pessimistic.
Mature or immature: Mature than most of the people around here. But I'll admit there are people more mature than I am. (I wish to talk to them about it, too.)
Impulsive or cautious: If the situation is too dangerous, I'm cautious. When I'm sure, I'll get impulsive.

[ A b o u t F F X ]
Favorite Aeon and why: Magus sisters, they never let me down.
Favorite Character and why: Auron. I really admire his devotion to Jecht. He keeps promises unlike most people.
Favorite Place in game and why: Usually I spend my time in the Monster Arena. They're the only things that come close to taking me on. But when it comes to walking around...I guess Zanarkand. The music gets me thinking.
Favorite Race and why: Al Bhed. Oddly enough, they're the ones who were right the entire time and yet almost everyone looks down upon them.
Favorite Quote and why: I have two:

Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands! - Auron

I like that one alot. It's encouraging.

The red carpet has teeth. - Auron

I just thought that was funny and a nice comparison.

Least favorite Aeon and why: I don't like using Bahamut. Everything he does is so slow. I don't hate Bahamut himself, I just don't like using him.
Least favorite Character and why: Don't really have one.
Least favorite Place and why: The Trials for Bevelle. It's annoying.
Least favorite Race and why: Uh...not a race, but I don't like the Yevon fanatics sometimes (I like Wakka though)...I just don't like those overly religious people who point out and lable a certain group of humans are bad. Then again..."Everyone's a little bit racist, it's true~ But everyone is just about as racist, as you~"
Least favorite Quote and why: Don't have any.
Who do you relate with and why: I can relate to Tidus. I can understand how one's life can dramatically change unexpectedly. I'm surprised that he handled it pretty well (for a situation as his I mean).

[ M i s c ]
Are there any other suggestions of questions/anything for us to add to this survey/community to make it better? If so, share!

Man, I think you guys have more than enough. *cackles* Nothing bad though.

[ A p p e a r a n c e ]
Please include 2 or 3 (Or more!) pictures of yourself. Try to skimp on the photo editing, please. Offensive/adult content will result in being removed permanently from finalxrating.

Sorry, only one picture of me.

(And please don't automatically vote me as Lulu just because of my hair. e.e It happened before. I'm not saying you can't vote for me as Lulu, just not for this reason alone, please and thank you.)
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