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Final Fantasy X Ratings

Ratings that pwn you.

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Final Fantasy X rating!


Welcome to Finalxrating! This is a community where you can fill out an application, add a few photos, and see which character from the ever popular RPG Final Fantasy X other members vote you as! So if your curious, then come join!

MODS: ambran;;_colorless;;seventhguardian



1. Copy the survey from the textbox below, and fill it out honestly. Come on, guys, its no fun if you base yours answers off a character.

2. Fill out the survey as much as possible. Elaboration = good. It'll help us decide on who you're to be stamped as easier.

3. Use lj-cuts, please! PLEASE!

4. To prove you've read these rules, please write "Blitz off" somewhere in your entry subject.

5. Please be kind! If someones answers bother you, SUCK IT UP and vote them. We don't want fights. Nope. We're happy people.

6. Please, no cosplay pictures. It can sway the descisions of voters.

7. No, you don't have to be stamped to vote.

8. Try to vote as much as possible. If you can't, thats fine. But try to get some in. Because everyone loves votes. Yes we do. ♥

9. After 5 or so votes, you'll get stamped. ^^;

Here are the stamps!

When voting...

- bold your answers. This makes it easier for the applicant to see what their vote is.

- Try to elaborate on your vote. I.E; "I vote you Jecht" as opposed to, "I vote you Jecht because you're incredibly hot and just all around effing awesome." ...Of course only Laura would say that.... the rest of us wouldn't.... XD; We just want some elaboration so the applicant knows why he/she was voted as such.

- Keep votes down to at least one or two characters. This helps narrow down the descision. ^^;

- Don't voted based entirely on looks. Pictures can help aid, but are not what all this is about - this community is primarily based off of personality. K!



Copy and paste this survey into the entry, fill out, and submit! :D (And then of course, vote others. But I didn't need to remind you of that, did I. No. Of course I didn't!)




If you're interested in affiliating with us, either IM one of the following on AIM: ReturnOfTheOnion, Kevvy says, or RumoCred. If you don't use AIM, you can simply comment on one of the mod's posts to request to do so. (:



Put these in your profile to link back to us!