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Blitz Off.

[ B a s i c ]
Zodiac Sign:Rabbit
Astro Sign:Gemini
Foreign Languages?Spanish, and I know a little of french, portuguese, italian, farsi, and russian.
Hobbies:Languages, Math, Video Games, Literature
Talents:Academia, Judge of character
Aspirations:Math Professor and inspire others

[ F u r t h e r I n ]
Which magic or weapon and why:I would want to be a white mage to help others, or an archer for support.
Weaknesses:Too caring and worrysome at times.
Likes:Acting intelligent and being true.
What color do you assosciate with yourself and why:Blue/Red. Contrast between serenity/passion. Lately, as seen in my lj, I'm in a green mood and feel tranquility.
What animal do you assosciate with yourself and why:Dolphin. Smart and free.
Bad habits:Procrastination and biting nails
Describe yourself in 5 words:academic, dependable, independent, worrying optimist

[ F a v o r i t e s & W h y ]
Animal:Dolphin, see above
Color:see above
Season:Summer. Warm and nice
Instrument:Cello. So sexy.
Music:Cursive is a great band.
Element:Water because I swam competitively for 12 years.

[ E i t h e r O r & W h y ]
Nature or city:City. I'm urban
Lead or follow:Follow. I always worry if my path is correct, you know?
Dark or light:Light hearted, but dark realm.
Night or day:Night. I'm nocturnal, by far.
Shy or outgoing:Outgoing for certain parts of me, but the true personality is shy
Optimistic or pessimistic: optimist, even though I worry for the worst.
Mature or immature: Mature. Really.
Impulsive or cautious:Cautious

[ A b o u t F F X ]
Favorite Aeon and why:Valefor. I feel I have him from the beginning, so he's always there.
Favorite Character and why:Wakka. Great heart and very smart, confident, and a morale booster, ya?
Favorite Place in game and why:Luca. Nice town.
Favorite Race and why:Guados. Just. Duh.
Favorite Quote and why:I can't think of one.

Least favorite Aeon and why:Ifrit. Just annoyingly beserk.
Least favorite Character and why:Auron. He's such a know-it-all asshole. I didn't put him in the party because of this.
Least favorite Place and why:Where you get Anima. Water in video games does not transfer well in my opinion.
Least favorite Race and why:Ronsos. They seem so unintelligent.
Least favorite Quote and why:I dunno.
Who do you relate with and why:Lulu, because she worries for Yuna, but accepts her fate and help to the best of her ability.

[ M i s c ]
Are there any other suggestions of questions/anything for us to add to this survey/community to make it better? If so, share! Nope!
It's comprehensive!

[ A p p e a r a n c e ]
Please include 2 or 3 (Or more!) pictures of yourself. Try to skimp on the photo editing, please. Offensive/adult content will result in being removed permanently from finalxrating.
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Image hosting by Photobucket
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